Freelance PHP Developer

Yea! I'm a happy web application developer


I wrote my first web application with PHP in October, 2000. I wrote and read hundreds of thousands of lines of code since that day. Today my code is cleaner, smoother and more organized.
I love to write Object Oriented code using PHP MVC frameworks.
I'm the developer and maintainer of a powerful CMS Open Source that I use for almost all my projects.


As Confucius said "Choose a job you love, and do not even have to work a day in your life". That means to be a Freelance PHP developer for me.
Almost every new web application is a new intriguing challenge. A new world to explore and to play with. New people to meet and new things to learn. Sometimes I face a really hard problem, that keeps me stuck for a day or more, but wouldn't so nice if it was too easy :).


I spend almost all my time writing PHP code, a wonderful game. But not only code is my work.
The most important part is to clearly communicate with Clients, Collegues or Partners. Before to start to write code is very important to be sure to have really understood which is the goal to reach.
When you know where you're going, you can not miss the road and spend time in the wrong direction.