Who's CBLU.net?

Hi, I'm Paolo Certo, I'm a Freelance PHP developer, I live in Assemini, Sardinia, a wonderful place.
I'm married and I've got two children.
I develop web applications using MVC Frameworks.

My job is to create what others have only imagined.

My background

I had many interests and many passions: drawing, painting, writing, photography, skating, hiking, cycling, motorcycling.

I was an University student when, studying computer science, a light came on and has not been turned off yet. I was about to become a civil engineer and I decided that my way was to write software. I tried several programming languages and, at the end I chose PHP.

I began with small websites and many nights spent with experiments and then I worked for a year to the development of a large web application. After that experience I decided to start my own business as a freelance PHP developer.
At first clients were few. Then things got better: the work became more interesting: e-commerce sites, complex web applications, new clients, new relationships. And it could improve...

My strengths

I'm a so called Full Stack Developer, sometimes I follow completely a project from the concept to the production stage. Yes, even the design and the server configuration. I think that this give me an overview that helps me to better organize my work also when I'm only one of many developers on a project. At any moment I know where we should go and what to do to simplify next step. Is a big advantage to know where we are going.

What I'm looking for

I'm interested in large and complex web applications. I can work remotely or, for short periods, abroad to improve my spoken english.

Technical skills

  • Platforms: I used five years FreeBSD and since 2007 I'm an happy Ubuntu user. If required I can use Windows or Mac OS.
  • Programming languages: I prefer scripting languages and, in general, the Object-Oriented programming. I played a bit with Ruby but PHP is my daily bread.
  • MVC Frameworks: I develop Web applications with Laravel.
  • CMS: I create websites, portals and e-commerce using X3CMS.
  • Javascript: I'm comfortable with JavaScript and Ajax. My favorite library is Alpine.js.
  • Stylesheets: I know CSSes and CSS Frameworks, lately TailwindCSS.
  • Databases: MySQL is my reference also I used sometimes SQLite.
  • SysAdmin: I manage some virtual servers for my clients with Ubuntu Server.
  • Docker: complex projects sometimes require particular requirements.
  • Concurrent Versions Systems: I use Git.


  • Strong communication and relationship skills
  • Results oriented
  • Pragmatic attitude