Yea! I'm a web developer so I wrote my own Content Management System, X3 CMS, it was born in 2004 as a personal project. Now many years after is an amazing tool that can compete with the best. Here you can read an (incomplete) comparison with famous solutions.
The main criticism is that there are no free plugins, only fews, very basic. I wrote hundred of plugins for my clients. To write plugins is my work, I pay my bills with that, so I can't give them for free. I'm sorry.

Another CMS!

Yes, I know, there are a lot of alternatives. It started as a simple exercise, I learned a lot with it. Then evolved as a global solution and today is my daily work.

Should you consider it?

If you are a developer or a web agency probably yes. X3 CMS is extremely versatile:


X3 CMS can be a simple website or
a powerful starting point for a complex web application


  • Flat learning curve: as developer you need to know the minimum PHP, OOP, MVC logic, SQL, Javascript and CSS.
    If you read the help online (Developer guide) you will be surprised to discover how simple is to develop with X3 CMS.
  • Complete: almost all your needs are already in, multi language, multi area, themes, templates and so on.
  • Versatile: if something is not included you can easily add it, as plugins, libraries, helpers.
  • Fast: development times are drastically reduced compared to the adoption of a Framework, you do not have to build the whole car around the engine but only the bodywork.


After we clarified that X3 CMS is not suitable for copy&paste users, yes, I have to be honest, there are also some cons:

  • Small community: I don't know if you really need a large community, it is so simple. Anyway, I'm here.
  • No market (at the moment) for plug & play solutions.

Status of the project

This project is active.

Latest release is 0.5.3 - 11/10/2015


My main goal is simplicity, simple for users and simple for developers. Is a working tool.

  • it requires a LAMP platform (Linux is not required but recommended)
  • Open Source (aGPL license)
  • Based on a MVC engine (a stripped down version of Kohana 2.3)
  • PDO as database abstraction layer (years before Drupal)
  • Multi language support (with automatic translation of dictionaries)
  • Multi area support (public areas and private areas)
  • Themes support 
  • Templates support with real freedom of layout
  • Plugins support (plugins are completely integrated in the system)
  • Simple and Advanced editing
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Versioning of content
  • Groups and Users management with granular permissions over all items
  • RESTful ready (you can write your own API in minutes)
  • Mongo DB support (as additional database)
  • SEO friendly
  • Centralized file management
  • Image resizing and rotating
  • Video conversion and frame extraction (it requires FFMPEG on the server)
  • Sub templates support (chunks of HTML to inject in the WYSIWYG editor)
  • Powerful form validation
  • Caching mode with APC (only 4 queries to load a page)
  • Help on line included
  • Minimalistic and elegant admin interface


Help on line

X3 CMS include an Help on line page. Almost all you need to work with the CMS is here.
Also the first two chapters of the Developer guide are included in the Help on line.


I'm available if you need commercial support: consulting, development of plugins, integration of third-party libraries.


If you think you need training to speed up your work with X3 CMS, I'm available for that.
A small class (four/six web developers) can learn all secrets about plugins' building in a week end.